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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work out portion cost?

Simply take the total cost of the carton and then divide by how many portions are in the pack.

How do I work out the number of portions in a box?

The number of portions is usually printed on the box, but you can also find out by dividing the total weight by the individual portion weight.

Where can I buy Pacific West product?

You can't buy directly through Pacific West, you will need to order through your food service distributor or you can place a turn in order through the Pacific West online order request at the bottom right of this page.

How are Pacific West products packed?

Products are either packed in bulk cartons or with a number of inner bags which are then packed into a carton.

What type of seafood does Pacific West provide to the food service industry?

Pacific West has a broad range of seafood, from salmon, flathead and barramundi to tiger prawns, crab, salt & pepper squid, classic calamari rings, tempura fish and seafood basket. See the Pacific West product range.

What is the difference between a portion of fish and a fillet?

Pacific West fillets are all natural, simply cut from the whole fish. So our fillets are often slightly different shapes and sizes because of the natural variations of each fish. Our fish portions are cut to size from individual fish and as we do not use block fish you can expect to see slight variations in shape.